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Food security is one of the biggest challenges of the century since the last few decades, noting that increased agricultural investment and enhanced productivity was crucial: the world’s food needs, hunger and food price continue to rise sharply. If this condition cannot be resolved it will potentially lead to chaos that will escalate and grow into World War III. Food security may be understood as the access by all people at all time to food sufficiency for a healthy life. Food security is not only about producing more food. It is about providing physical and economic access to balance diets and safe drinking water to all people at all times. So, scarcity of food (food insecurity) had to be overcome by each country or jointly by strengthening their food security respectively. In addition, capacity building and institution is also crucial. Many developing countries are suffering from institutional weakness and are unable to develop and deliver the public goods and commercial services needed for sustainable agriculture and food security growth. Therefore, all knowledge and experiences of respective researchers, academicians, practitioners and professionals need to be congregated in one common unified opinion.
THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FOOD SECURITY AND SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE IN THE TROPICS organized by Agriculture Faculty and Publication Management Center (PMC), Hasanuddin University. This conference is a scientific forum to promote knowledge, science, and technology and to bring together researcher, scientist, practitioner and scholar in the field of Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture in the Tropics.

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