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Environmental change and public health concern have been becoming a global issue for few decades. Most of it leaded by human activities. The recent rapid economic and industrial developments in Indonesia have resulted in increased pressures on the environment and bring impact to the public health. Urban development has also resulted in changes in land use that directly affects water resources and ecosystems which then generate a hazard a health. Surface water and soil in some areas have been contaminated with both organic and inorganic substances, air is polluted with chemicals emitted from vehicle and industrial facilities, these all directly affects public health.

On the other hand, classic environmental health problems are still emerged, such as zoonosis problems and food hygiene and sanitation. Public health problems come from bad environmental condition which are not merely caused by the environment but also influenced by many factors, such nutrition, genetic, policy, etc.

There are many ways to solve these problems. However, an understanding about the linking among the environment and many health problems is needed to be built to encourage people to improve their environmental care. Some aspects have been outlined into strategic agenda of WHO in Indonesia 2014-2019.

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