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The 4th International Conference of Indonesia Society for Remote Sensing (ICOIRS 2018) – PIT MAPIN XXV will be held at Makassar on 30-31 October 2018. The Conference is organized by collaboration of Indonesian Society for Remote Sensing (ISRS/MAPIN), Hasanuddin University, PUI – PPPJ (Center of Excellent for Science and Technology – Center for Utilization of Remote Sensing) Indonesian National Institute of Aeronautics and Space, and BIG (Geospatial Information Agency).

The event will bring together researchers, policy makers, and practitioners from developed and developing countries to share insights into the challenges and opportunities of remote sensing technology and its application in solving the problems of Indonesia and South East Asia countries. It will showcase cutting-edge research from around the South East Asia, focusing on fethiye escort themes of equity and risk, learning, capacity building, methodology, and possibly investment approaches in remote sensing. It will explore practical adaptation policies and approaches, and share strategies for decision making to support global cooperation for conserving the earth.

We invite you, your partners and colleagues to join us in 4th ICOIRS 2018-PIT MAPIN XXV at Makassar and make a successful conference on the application of Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS and other related digital mapping technologies in Indonesia and South East Asia.

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